Japan’s Kasashima Gallery Visits World-Renowned Taiwan Hard-Nib Calligraphy Exhibition

10 6 月, 2024 by Kasashima Editor0

(2024年6月9日 / IBTimes) The National Hard-Nib Calligraphy Competition Winners and Masters Exhibition began in June 2024. The exhibition is being held at the Yang Ching-Chiang Art Museum in Sanxia District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, and officially opened today (9th) at 14:00. More than 60 artists are showcasing their works.

In the past two months, Ms. Yang Ching-Chiang, the museum director, has sparked extensive discussion in Asian and European art circles due to her contributions to the arts. The Kasashima Gallery from Osaka, Japan, made a special visit to the museum to cover the opening event. On Director Yang’s recommendation, several calligraphers were interviewed, highlighting Taiwan’s commendable efforts in hard-nib calligraphy.

This year, Kasashima Gallery has already hosted several international art exhibitions. Through the promotion by international galleries, artists from Japan and Taiwan have gained the attention of art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide, bringing Asian calligraphy and painting to the global stage.


Kasashima Editor

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