Artists Invited by Kasashima Gallery to Showcase at Vueling Onboart Exhibition

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(2024年7月5日 / MorningStar) Kasashima Gallery has invited renowned artists to participate in the ” Vueling Onboart Exhibition,” from July 1st to July 31st. These artists will showcase their works at an altitude of ten thousand meters above Europe, guiding contemporary art and culture to soar. Vueling Airlines operates numerous routes to major European cities, including Barcelona, Lisbon, Milan, Paris, and Rome. During the month-long exhibition, passengers can experience high-altitude art.

Kasashima believes that all participating artists in the exhibition are focal points in the art world, wielding significant influence. In an effort to promote Chinese ink painting, Kasashima invited 10 artists from Taiwan, including Wang Men-Chieh, Ho Ming-Chu, Wu Hsiu-Yin, Wu Li-Ying, Chang Yu-Hsuan, Yang Ching-Chiang, Tsai Yu-Yun, Cheng Tzu-Leong, Lu Lan-Hsin, and Chien Hsuan-Ming. They depicted a global artistic perspective from the perspective of Taiwan.

Apart from Chinese-style paintings, art observers at Kasashima Gallery recognize the artistic excellence and creativity of artists such as Yoichiro Sakai and Ayano Ishiyama from Japan, Jiawei Fu from China, Tamara from Austria, Miguel Ribeiro from Portugal, Ragnhild Lunden from Sweden, Trude Kjolen from Norway, Josiane Debatisse from Belgium, Annemarie Ambrosoli from Italy, Sue Davis from the United Kingdom, Janni Nyby from Denmark, Ellen Stapleton from Australia, Mitchell Gibson from the United States, and Klaus Rune from France.

In addition to promoting exhibitions, Kasashima Gallery conducts extensive outreach on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Artists invited by Kasashima Gallery have collectively accumulated over 800,000 views before the exhibition. Clearly, through the internet, the artists have gained a significant amount of exposure and popularity. Yu, Kasashima’s PR manager, stated, “We are dedicated to building influence and brand image for artists, enhancing their online and offline exposure, and bringing promising works into the market, achieving a perfect blend of artistic creation and commercial value.”

According to the latest Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report, art sales in China grew by 9% in 2023, reaching approximately USD 12.2 billion, closely following the United States and securing the second position in the global art market. Market research by Statista, released in April, also indicates that classical Chinese paintings and calligraphy are favored and collected by 50% of high-net-worth individuals in China, ranking second in popularity only to jewelry and jade. To gain the attention of collectors, participating in exhibitions and auctions is not just a quick way to gain recognition but also enhances the value of artworks and increases the influence of artists.

Unlike the mobility of visitors at typical exhibitions, the airplane provides a unique exhibition space. Through this exhibition onboard, Kasashima Gallery hopes to introduce Taiwan’s art and culture to more international travelers. Whether on their way to leisure or business trips, Kasashima aim for passengers to relax and immerse themselves in the beauty of art during their journey.

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SOURCE: Kasashima Gallery


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